Advertising Policy

Advertise with us...

We are delighted to tell people about your business. Bredeemed is uniquely built to help you reach your potential market. Its features encourage interactions with audience and it takes you directly to where your audiences are.

Why advertise with us?

✓ Your brand is safe with us - our platform is built to encourage businesses and we operate on that level of seriousness.

✓ we've got the reach you need - you can be assured that we have the audience you need to grow your business. We have a growing population of people across the country and globally, looking to satisfy their need for products or services.

✓ segmented audiences - our audience are segmented to suit your specific need, so you can choose the audience you will like your message to reach.

✓ Our coverage is global.

✓ We have flexible design formats and sizes to suit your marketing budget and special needs.

Who can post ads on our platform?

✓ Merchants on our marketplace - use our ads to drive sales of your products on Bredeemed.

✓ Manufacturers and developers - promote you apps and products

✓ Churches, organizations and businesses - raise awareness for your brand or organization.

✓ Events planners and exhibitors - create awareness for your upcoming event, exhibitions, fairs etc...

To advertise with us

Please click here to send us an inquiry. Our friendly customer support team will be in contact with you shortly.