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johnazibola7 says "whenever i go for my voters card please cause me not to waist time in and cause that i be favour cause your sons to begin to pray now on never to distract me self again coming for posting of request all through out this season and please all through out this period help me to make the right choices"Details

johnazibola7 says "1.make me to know how long you want me to fasts.if it your will I continous in this continous fasting I started for revival for my life,fellowship and church give wisdom,strategy to adopt in it,and the pattern to follow in it so that it will be so effective. teach me how to respond to persons, family members who are pestering me to eat.deliver me from sex traps and help me to live pure for you. I intend to go to see the winner new senior pastor for counsel,the redeem pastor and all other persons I may meet,give me the wisdom to explain my through condition/challenges to them and as I explain to them give them insight into what exactly you want me to do and cause them to tell me.release your word to me through their mouth and in your mercy grant me grace to obey also use them in encouraging me to obey you.cause them to be available whenever I go to see them and accessible.bless my night classes,help not to sleep. 3.if it your will that I seclude my self to seek your face this period,provide for me a conducive room with a toilet in a quiet area in amassoma were I can fellowship without disturbing others,guide and direct me on books to get that will empower and strengthen on how to wait on you in other to get maximum result and provide for me to get them. 4.prosper mother in her phd programme in your mercies and grant her favour and tremendous help from her supervisor.prosper aun.d in her business,give her wisdom,good strategy on how to go about business for next semester that will generate maximum yield.draw her close to you. 5.the two other persons in my hostel who are yet to come whatever may be hindering them from coming scatter such things and cause them to come. and direct me on how to plan sucf programme for next on the special programmes for us to conduct and how you will like us to go about it.frustrate,paralyse and hinder all plans of the devil to cause me to break my fast.grant me grace to discipline my self to go on with the fast in such a way that I will not tempt myself nor be tempted to break. 7.whenever we will be writing our exams help me and cause me to write the mind of my lecturer i.e what they expect from me,favour me exceeding even as they mark and help me and prevent me as well as all my colleague from making mistakes.grant me the grace to pay all vows without stress. 8.grant me the boldness,strength to wait on you,as I study the books you will lead me to get give me insight into your word,transform my life,kill every fear that may be hindering me from standing to do your will.cause all distracters coming to read in pharmacy block to go home.cause to have peaceful and quiet time to study and pray there. I use virtually all the money I have in my diamond account to clear vows/pledges provide supernaturally for me.arrest the lifes of members of my family unsaved and cause them to turn to me on how to use every kobo in my gt account.terminate and hinder all plans of the devil to confuse me or distract my attension from waiting on you.provide and guide me to a quiet and lonely place in amassoma where I will study the books you will make available for me and provide for me good for to eat each day time I have been strengthen enough to begin the fast. 10.cause your sons to begin to pray now on these prayers,connect me to someone who will permit me to stay in his apartment to seek you while he will be away.send away all distracters and may I be alone.i desire to stay alone during this strike period,cause it to be so even this week. 11.the sucf prayer retreat this month bless it,save all unsaved that will come and revive those saved,provide for me a lonely and quiet place were I can be going to pray at our free hour.prepare the person to handle the academic seminar and use the person to expose use to the secrets to excel in our studies.give me the boldness and ability to preach your word with all I meet and the right words they need without fear or shame.grant me grace to fast throughout the program.give me strength to pray through,cause it not to tell on my body and cause no one to know I am fasting.provide for all to attend from far and near and to register and use the program to bring unity amongs us. me on how to spend all the money I have presently,if I am to use it to clear my vows/pledges guide to the rightful ministry to pay it into.cause it to go to you for a memorial,all members of my family unsaved arrest them for yourself and in your mercies may I never lack.please grant me the grace to be obedient unto you this period and always.the rest money I have for myself bless it ,stretch it and cause me not to lack. 13.all distracters coming to pharm block to study,cause them not to come,cause the place to be quiet and conducive for study.cause I to be granted permission to stay at the office in the pharmacy block to study spiritual books and cause there not to be distractor. 14.provide a means through which my people at home can send down things for me an cause them to send down all I need foodstuffs.cause my shoes to be send down this week.all I meet for counsel cause them not to use what I say to them against,cause no one to ever know what I say to them.i they have books that will help me cause them to give to to only focus on books that will help me and generate faith in me to seek you and grant me speed as I study them and great insight 15.cause your sonss to begin to pray on this.hinder and terminate every manipulation of the devil to distract me even as I seek you,grace me the grace to continues.paralyse every manipulation of the devil to make me fall sick.provide for all ndu student and all student nation wide.prevent and hinder the plans of the devil to kill lifes during this strike.provide for me to be a blessing to chinweike during his me make the right decision this period. daddy to right persons to meet for counsel as regarding whatever challenge he may be experiencing and cause them to give him good counsel in line with your will.terminate all manipulations of the devil to confuse daddy from doing the right him to right books that will build his faith in you and transform his life.provide for faith,cause her to go to church,transform her by your word.provide that there will be enough food to eat whenever am to break my fast. 17.cause there to be light at home whenever want to do things at home.cause all who have seen the things I am posting not to use them against me or tell any.discard the information of my postings from there memory and faith cause her not to loose the desire to go to school,make provision for her academics in your mercies and her sis. Grace granting her grace to begin to save in an insurance company.provide for david emma in his me to disregard false dreams and vision the devil.cause I not to be distracted in the prayer retreat from prayer and help me not sleep during prayer at night."Details

delsoj77 says "GOD please revive my spiritual life by you mercy and fire deliver me from being a lukewarm Christian . set my life on fire for JESUS and let the fire never sleep nor die. In JESUS name i ask"Details

johnazibola7 says "1.Reveal your word to daddy during devotion him to build personal observe quiet time daily,taking notes of what you teach him him to build a strong relationship with you.give him an undivided heart to do your will.paralyse ,frustrate and hinder all plans of the devil to hinder daddy from growing spiritually. 2.paralyse,frustrate and hinder all plans of the devil to cause dad to be sleeping over and over.deliver him from excess from the bondage of excess sleep and from sleeping during meetings and programthrough the knowledge of your word.fill dad with the hunger to study but spiritual books and his academic books.give him the grace to man and organize his him and grant him grace to save with and insurance company even as we learnt. I invite dad for mlr cause him to be interested in it,give chance,provision and opportunity to attend.visit him and transform him.the youth convention in rccg in oct cause me to have the chance to attend by viewing from a viewing center.cause the spirit of your word to enter into me as I attend and may my life never remain the same. 4.touch the hearts of my siblings in yenagoa and cause them to be bring food for me during this period as am in school studying daily via sis.grace.provide abundantly for me.hinder me from spending my money on what is irrelevant and not important.grant me wisdom on how to spend every kobo in have and lead me to a trusted akawo group I can join that will enable save for a year without touching it and provide for me to meet up my monthly dues. me to someone(a male) in school near auditorium in auditorium or near auditorium I can keep my clothe and books and be going to bath in his place morning and night.give me the right words to speaks to him,cause him to agree and favour me exceedingly all throughout this period.grant me unusual favour during this time of exam.provide all materials I need to study,cause there to knowledgeable people around who I can ask questions to make my studying earsier.every manipulation of the devil to make me to sleep in course of studying or not to understand hinder it and paralyse it.give me the right words to talk to my people at home in such way that they will not be angry 6.whatever is deficient in me hindering me from being fruitful in every facet of my life academics,spiritual life,financial et.c supply them.give me insight on what you want me to do this period of time and grant me the grace to do just your infinite mercies and because of your name sake before the end of this year fulfil every of your plan in my life. 7.whatever curse upon my life,family that may be hindering me from being fruitful cancel it in your infinite mercies. 8.scatter all enemies of my fruitfulness.collapse every mountains against my fruitfulness.fall all mountains against my fruitfulness. me to persons to give clothes who don’t have and provide for me a stong school bag and a strong shoe.strengthen in my prayer life and help to be filled with thankgiving to you. 10.all I have preach to about you arrest them and cause them to turn to you.all that were saved in the camp connect them to people to disciple them and churches that will enable them grow in your. 11.bless all members of sucf and prosper the works of their parents and to be of tremendous help to them as regarding their studies.all into business bless their business plans and cause it to prosper.fill them with hunger and delight to study cause them to on top in their faculties.cause them to make use of their devotional daily,reveal your word to them and draw them you giving each genuine testimony of me to live in love with all of them. 12.give the governing council of ndu wisdom to direct and control the affairs of vc in his fight against corruption.give him courage and wisdom.bless the pure water company in new site.take them far and cause to bring great profit to ndu. 13.teach me to be content with whatever I have and to hate begging,hence quit from me to nice cheap gift to buy for emma for his birthday and use it to draw him to you and cause him to appreciate and treasure it. me to be focus on my studies and not distracted.cause all distactors not to come to auditorium.hinder,paralyse,terminate every satanic manipulations of the devil to make to make me fall sleepy and not read,to make me lust,to make me sleep and not read,to make me not to understand when I study. 15.also cause me to see someone who has a nice accommodation around school who will give me his key and permit me to stay in his house during this time.cause chinweike to travel before the end of this week.cause your son to begin to pray on this prayer points now.terminate every manipulation of the devil to hinder me from reading this night.every satanic manipulations of the devil to pollute my sleeping by making me lust,eat in my dream, purge, make me sick hinder it,terminate and prevent me to study this night and help me to be willing and obedient all throughout this year. your infinite mercies this period of my life help me to make the right decisions."Details

Olufunke says "Bless you sir. Please i want you to pray for me that God should remove the spirit of fear, which always lead me to disobeying Him, completely from my life and He should help me to completely and promptly obey Him. Thank you sir."Details

Evelyn Onukak says "I attended one of the Holy Ghost services battling with boil on some sensitive parts of my body. This has been going on for some years and a word of knowledge came through daddy G.O saying Daddy says that there is someone here who has been battling with boil, has taken all kinds of antibiotic but to no avail. He said His daddy says that boil has dried up. I shouted Amen and to the glory of God i received my healing. Let somebody shout Hallelujah!!! Evelyn."Details

johnazibola7 says "your sons to begin to pray now for me on all these request.draw registrar close to you"Details

johnazibola7 says "1.Fill me with boldness and confidence even as I write all my exams this semester. your infinite mercy cause the federal government to respond speedily to the asuu request.cause them to resolve with the federal government and cause the strike to be called off in less than two weeks from now. your mercies cause ndu to be given permission to go ahead with their exams.make a way where there seem not to be a way and put the devil to shame. 4.this exam time hinder,paralyse and frustrate all plans of the devil to delay me or distract me even as I study and help me not to distract me in my study and grant me speed I see the security men to ask for permission to be using etf block to observe my quiet time at 2am cause to be granted express permission. 6.the regional conference for next week reveal your word,save all unsaved souls that will come,revive all saved souls,transform lives,bless our ministrations sucf.remove the burden of me to read 3 chapters daily during my quiet me to keep to time as well. 7.give me the right prayer focus to concentrate on even as i fast for myself, church and my eyes to see the vision you want me to focus on and cause me to focus on that vision(myself,church and fellowship ) till you bring it to pass. 8.give us ideas and skill even as we meet for our drama and song us to perfect our parts quickly and cause all rehearsals to end this weeks.terminate and hinder all plans of the devil to prolong rehearsals unnessarily. 9.this period of my waiting on your hinder me from going to places that will make me stop my fast,grant me grace to continue and to persist until I see your me to meet with you by 2pm to pray and help me to pray well and me to walk In love always and all through the period of my waiting on you. me clearly were you want me to write my weac and neco me how to go about it.give me support from parents and family and relatives.prepare all the persons to teach me.cause them to motivate me for me on how to spend all the money I have me to spend wisely.use dr.onoja to give me right counsels and information as regarding the weac.cause him to go the extra mile to bring this dream to pass this year. 11.terminate and hinder all plan of the devil to cause me to be sleeping even as I do my studies or to make me not to understand.whenever I study help me to deeply concentrate and to copy much ground and to understand deeply all I study 12.provide in your mercies for all ndu student who have not paid their fees and help them to paid their fees.provide for them as well all through out their schooling in ndu. me to be thankful,deliver me from sex traps,help me to keep boundaries to prevent immorality help me to please and obey you.during the regional conference,help me to wait on you for 3 days.cause it not to tell on my body,cause no one to know about it,help me to discover a quiet place and lonely place to pray and study your me to walk in faith and not in fear.cause no one to know I am waiting on your during this period of my continous fasting help me to always have quiet and lonely place to pray and study. 14.all I have preached to arrest them and cause them to turn to you.whatever challenges they may be going through intervain and see them through Help mum in her work,favour her through her supervisor and draw her close to you.cause dad to resume his dad to be focus cause your sons to begin to pray now on this prayers. 15.all bullets of slumber the devil is throwing at me to cause me slept cause it not to work.every satanic manipulation to throw arrow to me to cause me sleep,purge,lust e.t.c during our practice time hinder it and paralye it. 16.give me wisdom to draw out the program for next semester for ndu me the theme to consider.bless the meeting I will be having with the exco members.cause it to be brief and impacting.through the program you will enable to draw save souls,revive soul,reveal your word to them. 17.reveal clearly to me your purpose for creating me and help me to begin to walk in line with your purpose.deliver me from every bondage of me to meditate on your word and reveal your word to me .turn all counsels of the devil towards me to foolishness. Fill me with assurance of your presence all through out this year.cause all member of my family to observe their devotion daily. Cause the calculator man to buy new calculators for me direct me to people to buy.cause people to come to buy and cause me to sell all"Details

ibitoyeadebisi says "Father, in the name of Jesus, change my Geno-type to AA and connect me with my wife. No more marital delay in the name of Jesus. Daddy G.O please pray for me."Details

johnazibola7 says "help me to get my birthday picture.provide for me and cause me to meet the man and cause him to really discount for me.any picture tha t will lead me to commit immorality help me tno to take"Details

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