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johnazibola7 says "hinder and paralyse all plans of the the devil to make me purge,lust,not understand while studying,distract me or delay me unnecessarily all through out this exam period,favour me greatly this period even from wherever i go to me to focus and study,give me speed and retentive memory.give me rev tonye wisdom and boldness to direct the affairs of the church help me to relate with him and submit to him always"Details

johnazibola7 says "cause the school security to handle my laptop cause serioously and with speed and cause the thief to be caught and my laptop refunded to me.give the governing council of ndu wisdom to direct the affair of ndu"Details

johnazibola7 says "in your mercies hinder me and all members of sucf from losing our properties.cause their to be love submision and unity in the me were to serve in st.stepen church and help me to be faithful in that department tutorial cause all 300l to be interested,participate and to understand and benefit greatly.hinder all manipulation of the devil to confuse this exam period,cause me to do the right things at the right me to be a faithful and a tireless giver this year and bless my giving.provide for all who have not paid their fees in ndu and for all who dont money to fair in school,may there be no dad to be conversant with his new phone,guide him to the right book to read in his phone that will increase his faith and improve his prayer life and cause him to read.intervain over dads phd and cause him to resume back and finish this year"Details

johnazibola7 says "cause fav to prepare food for me tomorow,provide for mr to pay down eat and to come back without delay"Details

johnazibola7 says "cause the calculator man to buy my calculators and to change the ones bad.cause him to get genuine ones at affordable prices.cause him to get them across to me without stress.all persons i will introduce my calculator to or i have introduce to provide for them to buy.advertise my business and bring customers and cause them not to be a distraction to me or to come when i am studying.whenever i go to clas cause people to patronize me to some one to meet to repair my shoe and cause them to repair it very well and at nice prices.give me, dadddy,all sucf members insight to know the right things to do at the right time.cause all those with my properties to return them calculator,cloth,money.cause your sons to begin to pray on these.cause me and all ndu student not to have clashing exams.provde for me this period and cause me to be thankful.whenever i go to pray in the car park cause there not to be distractor and cause the school security not to in any way stop me.give ven odibikuma wisdom to dirct the affair of st.peters,raise him helpers over there,give him boldness and wisdom to direct the affairs of the church.cause the church members to recieve him and cooperate with mum in her work give her favour and spend and draw to yourself and all member of my family via the daily guide devotional.prepare me to attend student congress,all holyghost service this year provide for me and give me a ready and determined heart to me to really organise myself and to study this period of me to get reliable hands to handle the devotion in the hostel.cause me not to be distracted,but focused and help me to focus on areas were questions will be set and cover much more.the tutorial for my department,cause all persons to be interested,prepare every body so,cause us to teach ourselve,help us to be organised,help me to preach to my me not to be in my comfort zone but to reach out to other you want me to with your word.whenever i want to rest in the hostel cause no one to be around.fill me with assurance of your presence,hinder and paralyse allpowers of the devil to make me afraid them afflict me or to make me fall to me to relate with mummy effua freely and in us to the right persons to appoint for the right positions in sucf,give me wisdom and grace to handle sucf money and hinder me from spending their money."Details

johnazibola7 says "give me wisdom and insight into knowing what may be hindering my blessings help me to focus on them and to clear them off"Details

johnazibola7 says "give me insight and wisdom to know the right times to do at the right this period and all through out this year and grant me the grace to do them.cause your sons to begin to pray now for me on these"Details

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